A minimum of 20 dead as Mexico City metro overpass falls down

Bradley Martinez/ May 4, 2021

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A rescue operation was under way after a Mexico City city overpass partially fell down on Monday evening. A minimum of 20 people passed away in the event as well as about 70 were wounded, civil security authorities in Mexico said.Videos on Mexican

tv and social media sites revealed train cars awaiting mid-air as alarms shrieked close by. Video on Milenio TV showed the walkway collapsing on to cars on a roadway below.PRECAUCIÓN: Ambulancias y bomberos en camino por accidente en la estación del city

on Twitter that an assistance light beam had actually given way, triggering the overpass to collapse. She claimed that” firefighters, public security employees are functioning.

Different healthcare facilities participating in. We will provide even more information quickly.” She stated 34 individuals had been sent to health center. Rescue efforts were quickly interrupted at twelve o’clock at night because the partly hanging train was”extremely weak”and also a crane had to be brought in. There were still people trapped inside the train, though”we do not recognize if they live,” said Sheinbaum.Sheinbaum stated at least one car was entraped under the debris and also emergency employees were looking for survivors. The accident took place at around 10:30 pm regional time on the city’s Line 12, likewise referred to as the Gold Line. It was opened in 2012. It was developed when international preacher Marcelo Ebrard was mayor of Mexico City.”What took place today with the City is a terrible tragedy.

My solidarity with the targets as well as their households, “Ebrard said on Twitter.”Certainly, the causes must be investigated and also duties specified. I reiterate I am at the disposal of authorities to assist in whatever is needed.”The Mexico City City, formally called Sistema de Transporte Colectivo is the second biggest metro system in North America after the New York City Train. In 2019, it offered 1.655 billion passengers.The metro system has actually had at least two significant crashes because its commencement 50 years ago. In&March of last&year, an accident in between two trains at the Tacubaya station left one passenger dead, injuring 41 individuals. In 2015, a train that did not stop on time collapsed

right into another at the Oceania station, injuring 12 people.With Reuters as well as Associated Press